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Hit Your Production Quota Every Time

You need machines that you can count on. Unfortunately, many businesses that use spiral freezing systems are regularly faced with outages that disrupt productivity and drain their bottom line.

With Eurotek Engineering, you can achieve more with less stress. We’re spiral freezer specialists providing spare parts, repairs, maintenance and bespoke new-build systems. With more than two decades of industry experience, we have the technical expertise required to maximise your production rate and allow you to focus on high-priority tasks.

To minimise downtime, reduce production cost per unit and boost your bottom line, contact Eurotek’s highly qualified team of engineers today.

New Systems

Made-to-measure spiral freezers offer a cost-effective means of bringing products to the correct temperature. Eurotek’s custom systems make the best use of your space while causing minimal disruption.

Spare Parts

Need OEM parts quickly? Eurotek act as a one-stop shop for both sourcing and installing spare parts. We act fast to ensure your machine is back up and running ASAP.

Service & Maintenance

Diagnose problems before they have a chance to develop. Eurotek’s maintenance services are the most effective option for any business using spiral freezing systems, maximising efficiency and lifespan.

The Industry Standard

Eurotek are the brains—and hands—behind many of the global industry’s most widely used spiral freezing systems. We understand these machines like no other engineers can and have virtually unparalleled technical knowledge of them. If you need a reliable team to repair, service or maintain your existing system or build you an entirely new one to suit your space, Eurotek Engineering is a name you can trust.

Understand Your Machine

Throughout all our spiral freezer services, we provide detailed breakdown of the machine’s condition and our recommendations. This gives you further insight into the state of your system, prevent hiccups further down the road and promotes transparency. We will always be clear about what needs addressing as a matter of urgency, but the decision is in your hands.

Higher Production, Less Trouble

Ultimately, the objective of a correctly built and maintained spiral freezing system is to let it run itself. By identifying and resolving issues with the help of an expert team of engineers, you can concentrate on your core business activities while being able to accurately predict your eventual production output and bring down costs.

Get In Touch

If you have an existing freezer system that requires servicing or maintenance from technical specialists or you require a completely custom machine made to fit your space, contact Eurotek Engineering today.