Managed IT Services


Our aim is that you won't need to call us.

We offer full remote management of all your IT equipment with our powerful RMM software. We can manage your IT from anywhere in the world. We will know you have a problem and be already fixing it before you or your employees even notice.

We also provide on-site support for those jobs that just can’t be done remotely. If you are having network issues or a hardware problem that just need a technician on site – We have you covered.

We have different levels of service to suit all businesses from start-up to large scale organisations that need continuous support.

Depending on your service level agreement we can give you up to a 2 hour response time to server outages.

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0 month

  • Would you like us to check your needs ?
  • Is your anti virus up to date and protecting you ?
  • Have you tested your backups?
  • Are your computers updated ?

Bronze Package

35 month

  • Remotely monitor and mange your computers 24/7.
  • Windows updates completed remotely.
  • Software and programs updated and monitored.
  • Printers monitored.

Silver Package

45 month

  • 2 Hours of Remote & Telephone support.
  • Computers managed and updated 24/7.
  • Cloud Continunity backup.
  • Telephone support & Helpdesk.

Gold Package

150 month

  • Business Continunity & Disaster Recovery.
  • Monthly update email.
  • Computers and netwrok devices monitored 24/7.
  • Anti Virus updated and managed remotely.

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