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You might have noticed things have kind of slowed down in your love life lately. Blame it on quarantine, or Venus retrograde? Truth be told, it’s a bit of both! Now with Venus turning to direct motion in the sign of Gemini, you should find that you are more free-spirited and open-minded. Venus signifies our capacity to love. This brings delight, but also vulnerability, penetration and pain, and even that, by Venus standards can be beautiful. The goddess who craves pleasure and passion loves variety and intensity-especially in the sign of the Twins. It can, of course, be disruptive, sending us to lovers who aren’t good for us. Venus is like a scented flower enticing lovers and bees for that matter. Venus or Aphrodite is like Pandora. Curiosity got the better of her and she peered under the lid-and you may get a similar surprise-control your desires, will you!


Neptune retrograde happens every year, but this year, it’s effects may be felt more than usual due to its timing and what you have been experiencing recently. Neptune, the God of the Sea, currently in Pisces is a dreamy planet that rules imagination, confusion, and psychic inspiration. Neptune releases illusions from the past. Have you been escaping reality through daydreams instead of living your own dream? Meanwhile, this may be a confusing time, but Neptune retrograde can help you say goodbye to old ways of living which no longer serve you, even if you have to step into the unknown. True, you may lose relationships with those who you don’t see eye-to-eye with. Remember that Neptune retrograde can also be extremely hopeful and uplifting. There will be personal change. The comfort zone you are leaving behind will be washed away. Above all, Neptune is the planet of compassion. Remember that love is not a limited resource. Share it with everyone, and yourself, because we’re all going through big scary changes right now, even if they are ultimately for the best.


Around the time of a Solar eclipse-a week before and a week after- even seemingly insignificant events can create a so-called domino effect. First you may feel the tension rising, a feeling that you cannot turn back any more. A feeling of decisive and sometimes irreversible events taking place often accompanies the Solar eclipse-never more so than the one which occurs in Cancer. Whether you desire more affection, a safe haven, or creative inspiration, you must play by Cancer’s rules. The home is Cancer ruled. So are nests, warrens, cradles, and wombs. As you are aware, Cancer is territorial, defensive and self protective- you may want to trade passion for security. At times, Cancer’s sensitivity is heart-breaking – or more precisely, it breaks our hearts open. So, it is highly unlikely that the Solar eclipse will pass by unnoticed. An eclipse is always a time when you meet your destiny face to face. Something you don’t have a chance to experience every day. This is a special type of New Moon. It opens a much happier chapter in your life.


With Mars in Pisces aligned with Jupiter in Capricorn, anything is possible. Your actions are blessed with what seems to be a fair amount of good fortune. Opportunity is ripe at this time in your life, any projects or activities you start now could be successful unless there are some other factors in your chart that are negative. Even so, it’s about taking the initiative-personally or otherwise. No doubt, you are feeling a bit restless, dissatisfied, and antsy. With this transit, the more conscious you are about your motivations and drives the better. Apart from that, you may be ready for a new adventure? Mars often defines what we desire. Mars is the original warrior, go-getter, or as one Astrologer puts it- ‘a hard-arsed honey badger-and together with Jupiter you seem to have an infinite set of possibilities to move forward.


Most people are both reverent and suspicious whenever Mercury turns retrograde. At times, it seems that chaos and confusion reign supreme. Mercury is notoriously a Trickster and a Magician. There is magic in Mercury’s words. But when retrograde, the Trickster blithely places banana skins under our feet when we’re not looking. Mercury sneaks words into our mouths that derail our plans, and occasionally make us look foolish. On the plus side, it provides a unique opportunity to examine our own thoughts during this phase, to understand what shapes our thinking, and to acquire new thoughts that will open more possibilities. Of course, our thoughts can be impractical and unrealistic- but also divinely imaginative and creative. Like the Air-sign Gemini, you should be more curious, flexible, adaptable, and dive around certain issues in your life until you find the right perspective. As with Gemini, no doubt you will chase a few butterflies as they dart in and out of view, and discover that real life is far more complex than your attempts to classify it.


The Sun in Gemini is directly at odds with Neptune in Pisces-and at times like this you may be vulnerable to deception, as if there is a temporary derangement of reality. The fairy dust might dissolve, and others take delight in twirling us inside out with their fantasies? Once upon a time your soulmate made you swoon. Was it true love, or was it Neptune. After all, Neptune is the master of disguise, the Goddess that deceives the rational mind. Don’t be surprised if you experience some otherworldly dimensions today. This truly is the stuff of delusions and dreams. As usual, the Neptune journey is so deeply inward, we can neither see nor touch it. And yet, some of you could experience a kind of ecstasy, an astonishing vision of what life at a higher level might be like.

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