We’re Committed to SMEs

They’re the lifeline of the economy, and the 99% of all businesses in the UK that truly matter. Our aim is to serve the family-owned store, the founders and their start-ups who have brave and bold ambitions, and the growing businesses who support local communities and the national economy. Unlike traditional law firms, we’re not interested in large FTSE companies.

Fully Qualified Lawyers

Unlike Rocket Lawyer and similar basic services, our lawyers are fully qualified with proven backgrounds. We’ve partnered with the best independent lawyers and law firms throughout the nation, who are ready to protect and safeguard your business.

Created by Legal & Entrepreneurial Founders

The provision of legal services has remained stagnant thanks to the “dinosaur” partner-led firms who have failed to innovate, take risks and adapt with the times. We’ve flipped the traditional model on the head which finally enables SMEs to receive cost-effective legal advice and support.

Our Mission

Is simple – to give every business easy access to cost-effective legal protection. We won’t stop until this happens.

The Longer Story…

Lawsworth was created to solve a very simple but big problem- businessesof all sizes need legal help and advice but they’ve been priced out of the market by expensive old-school law firms. How can you get legal help and advice for your business without being charged excessively?

“Growing up, I spent lots of time in my father’s small business. I saw, first-hand, how lawyers are so critical to business success but equally how unfair the current model is. Having grown up, qualified as a lawyer myself, and sold my own start-ups, I have also gotten to know other founders and SME owners who are still stuck in the same position; barred with access to proper lawyers due to their cost.

Astan Morarji (LLB)

Founder of Lawsworth

I understand what it’s like having to pay for a legal bill. You spoke to a lawyer for 30 minutes, didn’t get much out of them and you were then sent a bill for £200 +VAT. How is that fair or cost-effective? The truth is that traditional lawyers and law firms have failed you. They’re ridiculously costly, rarely accessible and barely commercial.

That’s why I foundedLawsworth, with the aim of empowering every SME with access to their own, dedicated, lawyer. You receive commercial legal advice& solutions at a fair, fixed, monthly price. We believe that the law shouldn’t be reserved to the richest. In fact, we think the law should protect the 99% of businesses that matter the most- SMEs!

This gives owners, directors and decision-makers thepeace-of-mind knowing that you have a lawyer, as and when is required. There’s no need for you to pay those unknown hefty legal costs, trying to do it all yourself, or risking your entire business and doing nothing at all.

Why take the risk, blow all your cash, or waste your own time, when there’s a better, cost-effective alternative?
Together, we can disrupt the provision of traditional legal services, and ensure that all businesses get the legal protection and support that they truly deserve.”